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No One Ever Told Us That – Money And Life Lessons For Young Adults

“Best common-sense investment advisor since Peter Lynch.”

No One Ever Told Us That is a witty, wise, and hands-on resource filled with essential life lessons and practical financial advice for managing your life and money in today’s hard-knock economy. Written by John D. Spooner— America’s only investment advisor/novelist—this much-needed guide draws on his expertise in financial matters and his down-to-earth insights about living a fulfilling life.

Even if you have an advanced degree from Harvard, No One Ever Told Us That will help fill in the blanks and give you the answers needed to become a thriving professional, develop financial security, and grow into your own best person. The world is a much different place when you have the responsibility of supporting yourself and your family. Managing money quickly becomes a vital part of everything you do. The author gives practical solutions for building a team of people you will need in key areas such as legal, medical, and financial.

Designed as a guide for the “real” world, No One Ever Told Us That includes the concrete answers for dealing with the inevitable crises you will encounter along the way. Discover what it takes to handle losing a parent, divorce, raising children, getting fired, relocating to a new city, getting into clubs, and grappling with sibling rivalry. The book also includes advice for managing everyday issues, including getting plumbers and contractors to come on time, deciding whether to own or rent, understanding the truth about nonprofit boards, and so much more.

You’ve been thrown into the deep end of the ocean, the undertow is strong, and the stakes are high—it’s time to start swimming. No One Ever Told Us That gets you right on track to your brightest future.


Selected Quotes

“Best common-sense investment advisor since Peter Lynch.”
—Tom Stemberg, cofounder of Staples

“Spooner is a stockbroker with a gift of gab…diverting reading for both those enthralled by the stock market and those appalled by it.”
—New York Times

“I paid a billion dollars to get John Spooner back.”
—Sandy Weill, former Chairman of Citibank, to Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News

“The people are as entertaining a crowd of real-life eccentrics as has ever been collected between covers.”
—People Magazine

“Wall Street is an erogenous zone, hilarious saga…a crossword puzzle account of the investment banking culture.”
—The Wall Street Journal