Bull Mask

In 1972, Little Brown published my book Confessions of a Stockbroker under a pseudonym. I took the guise of ‘Brutus’ because he stuck someone, notably Caesar. Brutus sticks his darts in all sorts of targets on Wall Street. At the time, I was worried that the powers that be on the New York Stock Exchange would come down hard on someone in the industry lampooning it. “Do it under a pseudonym,” said the publishers, and Brutus was born. For television, wanting to hide my true identity, the publisher’s promotions department concocted a velvet bull mask; the bull being the symbol for big positive market moves. I was “outed” on the show Wall Street Week when they de-masked me and announced who I really was. My publisher said at the time, ‘This book is really successful, the reviews are fabulous and the Exchange probably won’t want to make an issue over free speech and the First Amendment.’