Bloomberg Radio

For the last two years, with a certain regularity but no specifics, I’ve been a guest commentator for Bloomberg TV and Radio, hosted by Pimm Fox, particularly on his radio show, ‘Taking Stock.’  My specialty has been ‘What is the American public thinking?” This is a lot different from the commentary of economists or analysts. I try to make my observations both full of common sense and street smarts.

Author John D. Spooner’s discusses his new novel, “No One Ever Told Us That”.

John D. Spooner shares his investment strategy and “great American brands”.

John D. Spooner examines investor behavior and “what investors really want”.

John D. Spooner holds forth on U.S. public sentiment.

John D. Spooner talks about recession strategy and the resilience of the American public. 

John D. Spooner shares his thoughts on investment anxiety and the emotional content of markets.

John D. Spooner discusses retail investments and the recovering economy.